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Mercury Retrograde - Magical not Messy

Right now you are in the middle of what is known as Mercury Retrograde. It began on September 28th and will complete around October 18th. This is a cosmic chapter that occurs around three times a year and has pretty much become ‘the scapegoat’ for every minor and major thing that occurs during this time!

Mercury rules ALL communication, especially in the areas of technology, but just like the illusion that this planet is travelling backwards, you can cut through your own illusions and get super clear about your choices, direction and connection.

“The first thing to understand is Mercury is not actually traveling backwards in our sky, he just appears that way. Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the Solar System, he circles the Sun every 88 days, which means he laps the Earth up to four times a year. When he is passing us, it creates an optical illusion, much like when a car passes another, slower moving, vehicle. It appears that the faster car is actually moving backwards for a moment, until it fully passes the slower car. This is the same effect which creates Mercury Retrograde…”. Spiritual Gangster

Mercury Retrograde is actually a great gift from the universe - it is the perfect window of time to make magic from your mess!

It offers you the opportunity to take radical responsibility for your life by tuning into Mercury Mindfulness and I have offered you some tips below;

* Pause. Breathe. Come into a heart space before making any communication, align your thoughts, words and actions with love.

* Listen. Hold a huge heart space so others feel safe to communicate their truth.

* Connect with nature. If your ‘devices’ give you difficulty head outdoors and remember how amazing you feel when you walk amongst the trees or near the ocean.

* Pay attention. This is the best time for laser sharp focus. Read the fine print. Trust your intuition…if it feels off, it is.

* Complete and Confirm. Do not leave anything unfinished or ‘hanging in the air’. No decision means no direction. Confirmation is care.

* Be your best friend and enjoy your own company. In calm there is creation.

* And lastly if something breaks in your world during Mercury Retrograde think of it as a breakthrough! Perhaps you need to re-align, re-assess or remove yourself to improve yourself!

The universe always has your back! Tune into this truth. Trust the process. You are always growing from bud to bloom and you can absolutely flower in the fertile garden of Mercury magic.

And just a little love note to self; blame is a no-win game. Be mighty in your love and ‘garden’ with grace.

Only love…Tanya xxx