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Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Stars and Sun

'Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Queen of Stars and Sun.
I stand glorified in your holy light
born anew with power and might
as you now open every door
to magic, money, miracles and more...'
Tanya M AshaTara

Big love to you all Earth Angels!

With so many in Lockdown, it is important to deepen your connection to Divine Mother Love so you can flourish with feelings of guidance and grace and feel supported to empower your path and shine your light for others to do the same.

I have shared above a Decree of Divine Consciousness, a call to the heart of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Stars and Sun. I love her light soo much! Her presence of peace and her exquisite energy has enfolded not only the hearts of the Mexicans but the hearts of the world!

She brings blessings of the sweetest support for your soul to stay strong and full of faith, especially when you feel surrounded by bitterness and blocked flows. The Mexican artisans share their love for Her light by creating little boxed Nichos* filled with flowers, roses, butterflies and sparkles, always in bright beautiful colours that make your soul smile with warmth and joy.

In the 'Divine Mother Love' and 'Shrine, Cross and Sacred Heart' collections you will find many treasures featuring Our Lady of Guadalupe; my favourite is the 'Little Altar of Divine Mother Love' and to empower the presence of peace, with every sale of these special little altars over the next seven days, I am including a piece of Selenite Crystal, which is perfect for draining negative energy from your body and keeping your vibration high and connected to the radiant realms of golden white Light. I prescribe daily use with meditation for real magic!

Journey in joy soul travellers...I honour all that you are and all that you are becoming...may you be blessed beyond belief...Tanya xxx