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The Vibe of Virgo - New Moon, New Magick

Your karma

Your Dharma

Is to lighten your load through love.

This is the only way;

Empowered by the Earth

Embraced by the Moon

Enlightened by the Sun

Together we are One…’Tanya M Ashatara

The might of the Virgo maiden lies in her capacity to create from within and this New Moon nudge is an invitation to deepen the navigation of your emotional body - knowing that what you choose to consistently feel, will become real!

Your emotional body is intimately aligned with the waters of the world; where your focus flows, is what grows…so where are you resting your awareness? Are you focused on condemning or creating? Because judgement will drown you in a sea of suffering, gasping for your last breath to be right.

The mission of the Virgo maiden is for you to embody her message that ‘Nothing can change until you do’. Organise to Materialise!

Are you willing to set sail on a maiden voyage and navigate a new normal for your life? A new normal that nurtures acceptance, compassion, abundance, joy and love? Because you are a Torchbearer for these times and the earth needs your enchanting energy to focus on LOVE, not limitation.

The earth also needs enlightened ‘energy’ engineers who are willing to shift the gears from complaining to sustaining frequencies of high vibrational LIGHT! Light that illuminates your natural knowing and inspires you to start sowing sacred seeds of self sufficient thought!

You will not harvest happiness in the heaviness of others, you can only harvest your happiness in your heart. So this New Moon is the ultimate invitation to a magical makeover of mind, body and soul, with living life your way as your most precious goal!

Do not bow blindly to the opinions of others; be guided by the barometer of your soul and celebrate your sovereignty - the truth of how you really feel. The maiden is manifesting her magic, feel to reveal more of yours.

May you be blessed with the guidance and grace of Divine Mother Love as you sail the cosmic seas of creative choice with a calm voice…Tanya xxx

Artist: Ed Org - Obsidian Art